Flying Private Ensures Preparedness For Hurricane Season

Flying Private Ensures Preparedness For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. While the activity expected is not as high as 2020, forecasters predict a 60% chance of an above-normal 2021 hurricane season. Warmer atmospheres are also contributing to expanded storm reach and more flash floods in inland areas.

Typically spanning from June 1 through November 30, PJS is committed to this long-haul storm season by providing emergency airlift services and ensuring an Emergency Response Program (ERP) is always in place when flying with us. Our 24/7/365 Flight Operations Center leverages a worldwide network of agents who are pros at urgently orchestrating on-demand movements.  

As restrictions around the world ease and summer travel plans ensue, having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) when flying is critical. Privately flying can ensure preparedness for hurricane season or any type of natural disaster, outbreak, or geopolitical threat. ERPs rarely need activating, but we take client safety seriously above all other logistics. 

Keep reading for more reasons why it is imperative to work with an air travel consultancy that can provide an ERP from step one — not as the occasion arises. 

1. Unpredictable Weather

 Hurricanes can hit with little warning. Winds change course and hurricane travel paths have a mind of their own. Even when location predictions are accurate, the gravity of a storm is often unknown until reaching shore. Whether traveling to a suddenly affected area or calling a high-risk location home, PJS moves people and belongings in and out of a location at a moment’s notice.

2. High-Risk Summer/Fall Vacation Zones

The Southeast U.S., Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean are at greater risk for tropical storms. During hurricane season, travel to these areas can seem enticing. Resort stays and packages tend to be less expensive. Beaches are emptier than during less volatile times of the year. For these areas especially, an ERP sets an alternative flight plan in advance of traveling to route through better weather should the need arise. ERPs create peace of mind so that you can book travel to any location at any time. 

3. Financial Assurance

Backup flight planning and people movement are just small pieces of the puzzle when it comes to an ERP. For example, PJS helps individuals and organizations determine the best overall approach to an unexpected situation, including the cost of extraction, determining which assets should move or how to secure assets left behind. 

If you are ready to book summer travel, talk to us today about an ERP plan for your specific situation or reach out any time you are in need.