PJS Sources 8 Different Types of Aircraft for Cost-Effective, Safe & Streamlined Team Travel

PJS Sources 8 Different Types of Aircraft for Cost-Effective, Safe & Streamlined Team Travel

Every aspect of a team’s off-the-field preparation influences what happens on the field. A consultative approach is required to ensure that group accommodations and in-flight objectives can be met and that every tiny detail of the journey works toward the same goal – winning. 

Private Jet Services (PJS) uses eight different types of aircraft to deliver cost-effective, safe, and reliable travel for participating teams – so players and coaches arrive safely, on time, and well-rested every time. PJS knows that flying a sports team is about maximizing the team’s competitive advantage. Here is how one university identified a critical need and established a strategic team travel program with PJS to realize significant time and cost savings for their teams. 

The Challenge:

A Midwest-based university made an exciting deal to move into a larger athletic conference resulting in their team traveling greater distances to cities and airports with which they were unfamiliar. The athletic department had limited time to analyze the viable alternatives and identify options that offered the most reliable, yet cost-effective solution to set up a comprehensive travel schedule.

The Solution:

PJS consulted with the university and provided four viable, cost-efficient options that would meet the needs of each team:

  1. Using a 30-seat regional aircraft for all flights
  2. Using a 50-seat regional aircraft for all flights
  3. Using a 65-seat business class configured aircraft for all flights
  4. Using a blend of 30-seat, 50-seat, and 65-seat aircraft on a per-trip and per-team basis

The university chose option four because it offered all teams the ability to adjust aircraft size based on each specific travel event. By having a variety of aircraft at their disposal, the university can utilize the 30-seat aircraft for shorter distances or for smaller teams like volleyball and when traveling to destinations that use shorter runways. The 50-seat aircraft can be utilized for a majority of basketball travel, and the 65-seat aircraft is ideal when donors and boosters travel with the team. 

In addition to the cost savings, increased time efficiencies resulted from decreased ground travel time, fewer overnights in hotels, and less flight time by flying direct. Also, the university gained an increase in academic perfection with time on the charter flights used as study hall, and less time traveling meant fewer missed classes. 

Choose PJS for team travel to take advantage of: 

  • Cost-efficient, streamlined and reliable group travel
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees, no surprises
  • Global access to aircraft in every size category
  • Ability to fly into hard-to-reach destinations
  • 24/7 access to a team of aviation experts
  • Rigorous safety program led by the PJS Director of Safety 
  • A minimum of two contingency plans for every flight
  • $500,000,000 liability policy for every flight