Plan an Epic Heli Ski Adventure at These Top Destinations

Plan an Epic Heli Ski Adventure at These Top Destinations

A world of heli-skiing is just a plane ride away. With so many providers advertising their services at these popular destinations, it can be difficult to determine which are the safest and most qualified. Even the most adventurous thrill-seekers consider safety when planning to ski and fly. As the unrivaled safety leader in private aviation, PJS has a dedicated Director of Safety and a team of safety experts who ensure that our rigorous safety requirements are met for every flight. In addition to creating customized flights to and from the mountain range, PJS can also help with vetting Heli ski service providers.

Begin your adventure by selecting from these top destinations. PJS will take care of the travel logistics so you can focus on the fun. 

Iceland, The Magical Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland winter

Heli-skiing in Iceland provides the chance to ski from the highest peaks right down to the Arctic Ocean. The land of the midnight sun provides extended daylight hours so you can make sea-to-summit runs even after dinner. Long descents over the North Atlantic Ocean are punctuated by never-ending sunsets over crystallized glaciers. 

Canada, The People and Powder Place

canada winter

Boasting some of the highest snow-covered crests in eastern North America, the Arctic Cordillera range features high glaciated peaks, some above 6,000 feet, rising through ice fields surrounded by spectacular scenery and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Inland fiords cut into the range providing a spectacular backdrop to soar over on your way to untouched snow.

Japan, Land of the Snow Gods

Japan winter

Imagine landing on the top of a snow-covered volcano with 360-degree views and steep, deep powder. Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, is the powder capital of the world and the most popular international ski destination in Japan. It is ideally located in the path of consistent weather systems that bring in up to 60 feet of fresh, light powder annually. 

New Zealand, The Backcountry Down Under

skiing New Zealand winter

The rugged Southern Alps extend 650 kilometers (400 miles) along the western side of New Zealand’s South Island offering thrilling skiing terrain and dramatic scenery. With the highest number of helicopters per capita, 200 snow-covered peaks, and many verticals that are only accessible by helicopter – heli-skiing is deeply rooted in the New Zealand culture.   

Alaska, The Powder Frontier

skiing Alaska

Heli-ski the Western Chugach Mountains to experience the abundant snowfall, deep powder, and beautiful brilliance of Alaska. Ski untracked powder and drop into bowls overlooking the black sand shores of the Pacific. Arc through epic tree runs through acres of tall hemlock and Sitka spruce while taking in the gorgeous glaciers. 

Wyoming, The Vertical’s Edge

wyoming ski slope Considered a bucket list destination because of the advanced and extreme terrain on five mountain ranges, Jackson Hole Wyoming is a Heli skier’s paradise. Skiers enjoy breathtaking beauty, rugged terrain, mind-blowing straight lines, and huge cliff drops. Through an elite partnership with the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, PJS offers a Membership Program that includes simple, all-inclusive rates with no hidden fees, 365-day aircraft availability, and special perks such as VIP access to unique life experiences in the air and on the mountain. 

Design your dream heli-skiing adventure with PJS!

PJS routinely flies clients into hard-to-reach locations, delivering travelers closer to where the action is. As an experienced consultancy firm with the most rigorous safety protocol in the private aviation industry, PJS will customize your flights to and from the mountain range. We can also help you select a heli-ski service provider with confidence. 

All of the aircraft and pilots that fly PJS clients are thoroughly vetted using PJS’ stringent safety standards that go well beyond the FAA minimum legal requirements. Before our clients set foot on an aircraft, our in-house safety team, led by our Director of Safety, thoroughly examines the operator. PJS supplements the liability insurance policies of the Air Carrier with a $500,000,000 liability policy of our own. 

Contact PJS to plan an amazing heli-ski adventure customized to your unique preferences.