Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Rwanda

Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Rwanda

Situated in the heart of Africa lies a small country covered with rolling hillsides, remarkable wildlife, and striking scenery. This breathtaking, tropical landscape is home to Rwanda, often referred to as “le pays de mille collines” or “land of a thousand hills.”

Its beauty also lies within its people. Rwanda has been deemed one of the safest places to visit in Africa and has captivated our hearts with its vibrant culture and friendly, unified residents. 

Through PJS’s unique partnership with award-winning conservation tourism company Wilderness Safaris, adventurers can access an 8-day, 4-stop luxury journey into some of Rwanda’s rarest and protected jungles and forests. All transfers within itineraries include helicopter transport and carbon-neutral private jet charters by PJS to and from Rwanda. 

Keep reading to see why Rwanda is a must-visit destination and reach out here to book directly and take advantage of PJS and Wilderness Safaris’ exclusive Rwanda itinerary.* 

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Along with its modern nature and bustling city life, Rwanda holds tightly to its traditions. Regardless of where in Rwanda you visit, dynamic dance, music, architecture, and works of art infiltrate the landscape.

Visitors will not want to miss the Intore Dance Troupes, who perform one of Rwanda’s most unique cultural experiences across the country’s villages, museums, and resorts. These traditional dancers originally performed for the Royal Court and received military and technical jumping training, which are heavily incorporated into their dances while wearing enormous grass wigs and clutching spears. 


The “land of a thousand hills” is bound to be full of thousands of exotic wildlife — giraffes, hippos, chimpanzees, zebra, lions, and more roam the countryside.

We highly recommend a mountain gorilla tracking adventure through Volcanoes National Park or exploring one of Rwanda’s other three protected National Parks. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s main tourist attraction and, combined with safaris, makes up 10 percent of the nation’s economy. 


Rwanda is committed to safeguarding the environment and sustainable development. Its green mindset has paved the way for hundreds of reforestation programs, a plastic bag ban in 2008, and Umuganda (a day once per month where everyone sets aside work and agendas to contribute to public work projects around the country). 

Rwanda touts itself as the cleanest country in Africa thanks to the combined efforts of everyone who lives there. Tourists also support by participating in “give back” and carbon neutral hospitality programs such as those put on by award-winning conservation tourism company Wilderness Safaris. Programs such as these allow visitors to contribute to reforestation projects by planting trees or donating a percentage of their stay to protecting the local ecosystem. 

*All travelers arriving in Rwanda must present a negative COVID-19 certificate performed within 72 hours of flight departure. A second PCR test will be conducted upon arrival, with results delivered after 24 hours, during which time guests must remain in their designated hotels.