Music Venues Off The Beaten Path

Music Venues Off The Beaten Path

As band managers and talent agents know, a venue can make or break a concert. That is why you choose carefully when arranging your musicians’ tour schedule. A beautiful setting or a venue brimming with history can breathe life into a crowd and make a good concert into an unforgettable one. Sometimes, the venue even spurs ticket sales as much as the bands performing.

However, reaching some concert locations is a logistical challenge, especially when they are not located in a major city or close to a major airport. Even after successfully navigating the backroads to arrive at a venue in a remote area, the band may show up exhausted. 

But this does not have to be the case when you broaden the options for modes of transportation. For instance, a private jet can touch down on airstrips just a short drive from your destination. Check out this shortlist of some of the amazing venues that, at a glance, seem like a hassle to get to but are much more accessible when you take advantage of private aviation.

  1. Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre
    Made famous first by the praise of opera singer Mary Garden in 1911 and later by the performances of bands like Sting and U2, this iconic venue is set within the confines of Red Rocks Park, where the Great Plains converges with the Rocky Mountains. The venue itself is a geological marvel —  a naturally-occurring, acoustically optimized amphitheater. Red Rocks Park is accessible via Denver International Airport, but by flying into Centennial Airport, you will get twice as close and avoid navigating to and from a major city.

    Closest Major Airport:
    Denver International Airport
    Closest airport: Centennial Airport, Englewood, CO
    Travel Time to Venue from Airport: 30 minutes
  2. The Caverns
    A concert inside a cave? That’s right. Situated a little less than 100 miles south of Nashville, TN, the Caverns is as unique a music venue as you will find. For a firsthand look to see if the venue is right for your artists or just as a music fan, pay a visit to this cozy subterranean amphitheater this New Year’s Eve when The Flaming Lips perform. To get there, you are looking at an hour and a half drive from Nashville International Airport. As you can see here, you will get there in a fraction of the time via private jet.

    Closest Major Airport:
    Nashville International Airport
    Closest Airport: Winchester Municipal Airport, Winchester, TN
    Travel Time to Venue from Airport: 15 minutes
  3. The Gorge Amphitheatre
    Perfect for music festivals like Lollapalooza, which it once hosted, The Gorge features a spectacular outdoor setting with views of the Columbia River in Washington state. It has been cited as one of America’s most scenic concert locations by numerous publications, including Pollstar Magazine. As an added perk, fans can take advantage of the campgrounds at the 20,000-seat venue and stay a full 24 hours, ensuring that they do not miss a set. With Seattle-Tacoma International Airport nearly three hours away, getting closer to this remote landmark is a lifesaver.

    Closest Major Airport:
    Seattle-TacomaInternational Airport
    Closest Airport: Ephrata Municipal Airport, Ephrata, WA
    Travel Time to Venue from Airport: 40 minutes

Keep your options open when planning tour schedules. At Private Jet Services, we get your band as close as possible to their concert destination, even if it is not near a major airport, so that they will arrive feeling fresh and ready to bring an incredible venue to life. 

Is there a venue you have always wanted to schedule but never did because it seemed too difficult to get to? Reach out to us, and we can tell you if it is more accessible via private jet. Booking a once-in-a-lifetime event could make you the star of your band’s next tour.