Flying Private: Tips for Emerging Musicians

Flying Private: Tips for Emerging Musicians

For emerging musical artists, success is especially sweet because of the long, arduous journey they have taken, cruising on the tour bus from venue to venue. It is a tough life, which is why the rewards at the end of the rainbow awards, record signings and so forth can be so fulfilling.

The road to success also leads to flight-based travel, which is a critical time-savings benefit. Additionally, the convenience and comfort of flying improves the morale of your musicians and can result in better, more profitable performances. While flying commercially is always an option, loosening the purse strings and chartering a private jet may be the pat on the back that motivates them to embrace the next phase of their career.

Flying private can be an exciting new experience not only for up-and-coming talent, but band managers as well. In charge of finances, contracts, travel and the overall task of making sound business decisions, managers are under a lot of pressure and flying by private jet can help alleviate some of that stress by increasing efficiency. Before taking to the air, learning about the ins and outs of chartering a private jet will help you optimize both finances and travel time so that your talent can remain focused on their music and performances.

As you decide if you should take this leap, know that the benefits of flying private extend far beyond the glamor and luxury. Here are a few things you should understand about private aviation and how it helps your talent soar to new heights:

1. For your band or solo artist, convenience is perhaps the most important benefit to flying private. When you book a flight on a commercial airline, you are beholden to a fixed schedule. However, you set the schedule when you charter a private jet, which is critical for touring bands. Even better, private jets can access landing strips inaccessible to large aircraft, allowing bands to touch down closer to their destination and minimize total travel time.

2. Relatedly, chartering offers on-demand travel. One of the worst things that could happen to a band on tour is arriving late for a concert, which is a real concern when relying on a commercial airline. Conversely, you can book a private jet at a moment’s notice, and some charter companies have contingency plans for any issue that may arise. For instance, PJS has a minimum of two backup aircraft available for every trip. On-demand travel also provides the flexibility touring performers require, such as a last-minute flight for a one-off show.

3. Privacy is king for musicians performing in front of thousands and getting mobbed in between performances. While the privacy of the tour bus may be something your band is already used to, private jets bring confidentiality to a whole new level. For one thing, the paparazzi and adoring fans have no way to chase a soaring aircraft. Also, private jet flight crews often travel with celebrities, so band members do not have to worry about autograph requests, prying eyes or similar distractions. They can just be themselves, kick off their shoes and relax before the next show. Just as important, charter companies can often arrange ground transportation, allowing the band to be transported directly to a hotel or venue after disembarking instead of having to make their way through a busy airline terminal.

4. Once your artists have graduated to flying privately, being able to select an aircraft type is advantageous. A full-service aviation consultancy like PJS can advise your choice. Not only does the aircraft need to be large enough for the band and their entourage, it also needs to be able to carry all of the equipment. PJS can arrange a VIP-configured commercial aircraft and even ensure that it is customized to the band’s preferences.

5. No matter the aircraft type, another perk of chartering a private jet is onboard catering. Unlike commercial airlines, which generally just serve whatever refreshments they have on board that day, charter operators cater to the culinary preferences of their passengers. In fact, concierge often pre-stocks the jet with band members’ favorites, from filet mignon to burgers and fries.

If you choose to give your talent the star treatment they deserve and put them on a private jet, make sure you partner with a chartering company that has experience in the entertainment industry. PJS has worked with some of the most famous musicians in the world; our clients have won 139 Grammys over the years.

Navigating the world of private aviation for the first time can seem daunting, but you do not need to go it alone. We can guide you and even take care of all the details of every flight. Just reach out, and allow us to help you and your artists burst onto the scene.