Reasons For NCAA Organizations To Consider A Private Jet Charter 

Reasons For NCAA Organizations To Consider A Private Jet Charter 

You are deciding how to get your team to the game, which matters more now than ever. That chosen mode of transportation not only affects arrival time and morale but has an even more significant impact on health and safety than in the past. 

On top of it all, the low supply to high demand flight ratio affecting the aviation industry post-pandemic is creating entirely new complexities and use cases for private jet charters. 

But beyond getting athletes from game to game, there are many other uses for Universities and athletic organizations to consider chartering aircraft. 

1. Team Travel

Moving your players from place to place with peace of mind is number one. Utilizing private jet services allows any size group to fly into quieter regional airports and use private terminals that are often closer to their final destination. This ease of travel avoids extra fatigue so that players can arrive relaxed and ready to compete.

2. Coach & Staff Travel

 Chartering a jet is in many cases more economical for coaches who often fly on short notice for recruiting, especially if your hidden gem recruit lives in a small town far from a major airport. Private jets also better support one-off trips for coaches traveling ahead of the game or agendas separate from the team schedule. 

3. Band Travel 

Another team in itself, we can not forget this massive support system that keeps the game, players and fans energized. The band also deserves VIP treatment and the space to transport precious instruments without additional fees. This precious cargo is perfect for chartering a wide-body aircraft like the Boeing 737.

4. Donor or University Personnel Travel 

A VIP small cabin aircraft is perfect for shuttling administrators on trips to woo donors or shuttling donors to you. In addition to providing regional jets and airliners for both professional and collegiate team travel, PJS is one of the largest consultancies in the country for executive jet charter flights. 

5. Post-Season Travel 

Regardless of how the season ends, planning ahead for championship game travel ensures that your team travel is covered. Private charter solutions also come with more flexibility, so you can always make changes and guarantee lift-off for any scenario. Just keep the focus on getting there. 

Whether signing a multi-year contract or requesting coverage for a single event, PJS ensures that the aircraft you need are available before, during, and after your competitive season. Read more here about how to start the conversation around your team’s personal travel needs.