Top 4 Questions NCAA Teams Should Ask When Booking Private Jet Charters

Top 4 Questions NCAA Teams Should Ask When Booking Private Jet Charters

It is the end of the fiscal year for NCAA colleges and time to evaluate travel and charter budgets for the 2021-2022 seasons. Last year was a whirlwind for the sports industry, so we laid out some questions to ask when exploring private jet charter options that will help you take back control of your athletics department.

Keep this list in your back pocket and be bold in your questioning. And you can bet PJS checks each box. 

1. Does the company know sports? 

While your flight operations team is not shooting any hoops or scoring any on-field goals, they are ideally able to build a custom playbook for your flight. As your personal “coach,” a charter team should understand the needs of your industry to ensure an optimal high-value experience from the first interaction until the team lands safely at their destination.

2. Does the company have access to multiple types of jets?

Particularly if you are sourcing travel for multiple entities at your university — multiple teams, recruiting coaches, executives and administrators — make sure you have direct, easy access to jets of all sizes from large airliners to regional and executive jets for the full range. This availability helps you streamline and optimize university budgets and resources, consolidating all travel into one place. An assortment of supplies also gives you options for any extra needed space for equipment or larger players who need extra pitch or legroom. 

3. Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

Whether you require an entire season of travel or a single game, the right aircraft solution provides flexibility and transparency from day one. Sports seasons are fluid and ever-changing. Seasons end sooner than expected or hopefully extend into the championships, which brings us to our next point…

4. Can you make last-minute changes?

When you are down to the final buzzer, every decision counts, no matter how small. Whether adding a player to a flight manifest or rerouting to a different city or date, private jet services should come with flexibility so that you always have lift off for any scenario, like when you make it to that big championship game. 

Why settle for less than the above? Reach out to the PJS Flight Operations Center experts to start the discussion around your bespoke charter needs.