Utilizing Private Aviation For Entertainment Touring

Utilizing Private Aviation For Entertainment Touring

With late summer and fall touring season picking back up after over a year-long hiatus, Travel Managers and Agents are deep into planning — not only for this year but for the 2022 season, stacking tour dates and shows to make up for the lost time. 

PJS flies the top names in the entertainment industry. From strategically planning 180-day worldwide tours to dispatching aircraft for one-time events, we use our expertise to customize aviation solutions for every client. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about how private aviation can support a tour run and ultimately make the lives of agents and talent easier. Check out our entertainment case study to see how we do it. 

Whether you think of private aviation as a way to keep your artist from exhaustion or as a way to travel discretely between venues, these are only a few benefits of flying private. So we put together a few more to help you out. 


While vaccine numbers are rising, safety is still a number one factor. Even one person testing positive on tour could result in a complete shutdown, which means time and money lost. On the other hand, private aviation lets entire production crews, bands and talent fly together with minimal health risks. 

Reliability & Flexibility

A busy touring schedule leaves no time to spare for aircraft maintenance, canceled and delayed commercial flights, or lack of aircraft availability. These should never be reasons to let fans down by delaying or canceling a show. If the band needs an urgent flight, utilizing an aviation consultancy like PJS with access to a global network of aircraft and logistical experts ensures that you have guaranteed lift for those ASAP moments and last-minute schedule changes.


Commercial aircraft often lack the space to move large amounts of precious equipment, instruments, and a whole crew. Avoid splitting the production crew onto multiple flights or the exhausting tour bus life by opting for a chartered jet. From small executive jets to 100+ seat airliners, a private charter creates a more cohesive experience for any size crew and travel managers alike.

Comfort & Sophistication

Your talent deserves more—no public terminals, baggage queues, or arriving two hours before a flight. Private airports and terminals provide privacy and discretion. They also connect remote destinations and reduce the length of ground transfers so the show can go on from any location worldwide.


Every aspect of a private flight is carefully tailored, even down to specialized catering and vehicle ramps that ensure access from aircraft to the venue. Regardless of the scope or size of the project, PJS will create a comprehensive program that responds to specific needs and bespoke requirements.

Before we go, for our clients looking to fly the A-list to catch their favorite bands and artists this fall, here is a list of this year’s hottest rescheduled music festivals and shows. 

PJS can assist with route planning, budgeting, and the all-important work of securing reliable and safe aircraft sure to keep artists happy, healthy, and well-rested for the long travel schedule ahead. Book now before tour dates fill up.