Pro Sports Team Charter: A Better Way to Travel

Pro Sports Team Charter: A Better Way to Travel

Aside from the game, sports travel can be one of the most exhausting parts of a professional athlete’s career. That’s why many teams are opting to sign with a pro sports team charter provider to help ease their travel schedule.

Gone are the days when “team charter” simply meant stocking an aircraft with all the pizza and beer it could handle, or worse, piling into a bus for a several-hour long road trip to the next city. Now, teams routinely fly to their destinations, dine on high-quality meals and get there quickly and easily with nary a thought to their complicated travel schedules.

The right air charter provider can even coordinate highly specialized meals for those teams with very specific dietary needs and restrictions. Private Jet Services has a team as a client that flies with a gluten-free menu and another that opts for a meal high in protein. Meals can even be sourced from high-end local restaurants – giving the players the option to sample some of the best local flavors before they leave town. Who would be able to resist lobsters in Maine or Tex-Mex in Texas?

When flying privately, teams can hold confidential meetings onboard the aircraft, review game footage on big-screen TVs, and players can sleep comfortably with plenty of legroom on a customized aircraft.

After big wins, full-blown celebrations can even occur mid-flight with high-end champagne and cocktails.

No matter what the team is doing in flight or where they are headed, sports team aircraft charter provides a creative alternative to team travel that allows the team to get to their final destination rested and ready to win their game.

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