4 Reasons Winning Sports Teams Charter Private Jets

4 Reasons Winning Sports Teams Charter Private Jets

We often say here at PJS that for those operating in a mission-critical business, the cost of not getting there far exceeds the price of a chartered flight. That’s why some of our best clients are professional and collegiate sports teams – missing a game due to a flight delay or cancellation could be disastrous for a season.

Below we’ve compiled the top reasons why winning sports teams charter private jets.

Stay on a tight schedule

Rather than having to get to an airport hours early, wait in line for check-in, and again at security, when the team takes a pro sports team charter, they’re able to immediately board the flight after the game to get on their way to the next city much faster. Even better, the entire team is able to ride together on a single flight to eliminate the hassle of managing a number of departures and arrivals.

The players get more rest

Instead of cramped commercial seats on airplanes packed with crying babies, imagine 7-foot tall basketball players resting comfortably in VIP configured seats with plenty of legroom and headrests that extend to fit their height. Often, coaches can sit in a separate area of the aircraft to review game footage alone while the players rest.

Design a specific menu

Gone are the days where flying privately meant pizza and beer on the aircraft. Today, teams have the ability to design a specific menu to meet their dietary needs. From meals high in fiber to gluten-free options, almost anything is possible on a private jet charter. Some teams even request local favorites from the top restaurants in the departing city. Only on a private jet charter would it be possible to source lobsters in Maine or Tex Mex while in Texas. Big wins may even call for a celebration onboard, complete with high-end champagne and caviar.

Experience service around the clock. Sometimes games don’t end until very late into the night – when most commercial airlines would have long turned the lights down and prepared the cabin for sleeping. Often, teams request late meals after games and require attendant service around the clock, something only possible on a private jet charter.

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