Leveraging A Private Aviation Consultancy To Navigate EU Summer Travel

Leveraging A Private Aviation Consultancy To Navigate EU Summer Travel

The world is reopening. Most recently, we find ourselves standing by waiting on updates for the return of tourism travel to the EU. New information is circulating daily, making discerning truth from hearsay overwhelming. 

When you fly privately with a consultancy like PJS, we help navigate ever-changing border updates and secure proper documentation before you travel. Our international connections run deep, both within the travel industry and with government agencies resulting in less time spent and burden to figure it all out.   

Later this summer, tourism travel into the EU starting will likely mean securing a digital vaccine passport or what the European Commission refers to as a “Green Certificate.” Pending negotiations amongst members of the European Parliament, a Green Certificate will serve as digital proof via a QR code that a person has either received a vaccine, recently tested negative for COVID-19 within a certain time frame, or recovered from the virus. The 27 EU nations have already approved a plan for digital vaccine passports. Details for U.S. and U.K. travelers have yet to be determined. 

Keep reading for highlights* on what we know so far about EU travel. Connect with our Flight Operations Team for help managing the rest, from your first point of contact with us until you land safely back home. 

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Top EU Travel Highlights: Where We Are Heading This Summer

1. France 

Opening to tourism for non-EU citizens with a health pass on June 9. Hit your favorite sidewalk cafe or replenish your summer wardrobe with high-end designer shopping down the Champs Elysee. Get to your favorite retailer early — limitations around in-store capacities are still in effect until June 30.

2. Greece 

Already open to vaccinated U.S. travelers or those who have a negative PCR test result taken 72 hours before arrival. Yacht between the Grecian islands, plant your feet on the black sands of Perissa, or enjoy a private sunset toast overlooking white-washed Oai.

3. Italy 

Scheduled to open mid-May for foreign tourists but currently open to U.S. citizens if traveling on an official ‘Covid-tested’ flight — PJS has you covered here. The Prime Minister is urging foreign visitors to start booking for summer now.

4. United Kingdom 

Reopening to U.S. tourism is imminent, but the details are still pending between the U.S. and U.K. governments, which officially left the EU in 2020. The U.K. remains under national lockdown, but some domestic restrictions eased earlier this month. We are hopeful that your countryside drive or afternoon seafront tea in Eastbourne is waiting for you the moment the U.K. gets the greenlight. PJS even allows charter bookings in as little as 24-hours notice when you are ready to fly. 

*Border updates are changing daily, so stay tuned to our PJS Border Updates for the most recent information on where and how to fly.