Be There for Every Play at Super Bowl 2020

Be There for Every Play at Super Bowl 2020

With Super Bowl LIV just around the corner, this is no time for a Hail Mary. Super Bowl Sunday is always a busy time for private flying with as many as 1,500 executive jets flying into the host city on game day. When flight activity is elevated due to big events like this, it is best to book travel early for the best aircraft availability and the greatest flexibility in scheduling.

Champions Choose PJS

PJS has been delivering epic Super Bowl experiences since 2003. With global access to a broad array of safe, cost-efficient aircraft and exquisite service – rarer than an NFL season without controversy – PJS takes Super Bowl Sunday to new heights. 

For your next flight, ensure the only coin toss is on the field, not with the plane. PJS has a minimum of two contingency plans at the ready for every flight, providing a solution for any circumstance. The team will even arrange ground transportation to and from the stadium for seamless transport from start to finish.  Book your flights early for Super Bowl LIV to enjoy the most remarkable game day ever.

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