Get year round, first tracks skiing in deep powder with PJS

Get year round, first tracks skiing in deep powder with PJS

When ski season approaches, most ski enthusiasts vow to get in as much skiing on as many trails as possible. But there is no reason to limit skiing to one season or one region when a whole world of fresh powder awaits. Skiers who like to fly private can hit the best conditions in peak season around the globe throughout the year. Want to take the skiing adventure to new heights? Try heliskiing. 

Maximum time on the mountain

For the maximum amount of time on the slopes, flying private provides a much quicker end-to-end journey and gets skiers closer to the mountain to get first tracks and spend the maximum amount of time skiing. Flying a light, mid or super-mid jet, depending on the number of flyers, allows access to more backcountry summits and remote locations. Private jets are able to negotiate shorter runways and access smaller, private airports, which are often ideally positioned close to the mountain. Being able to bring ski equipment on the plane is another huge benefit of flying private. There are no extra charges for oversized baggage and no worries about gear getting lost. 

To get on the mountain quickly, try heliskiing. It is the best way to access off-trail, downhill skiing from the top of a powder-covered summit. A helicopter can be waiting at the airport or the lodge. Why waste time standing in tramlines when a helicopter can bring skiers straight to the summit to spend the entire day touring the backcountry? 

VIP access to ski lifts on Jackson Hole

If skiing Jackson Hole is on the list of must-have experiences, the Rendezvous Membership offers the most value. A day in the pristine Teton backcountry heliskiing offers 6 heliski runs, breathtaking views, and a huge powder reserve of more than 600 acres and up to 20,000 vertical feet in one day.

When booking ski vacations through the Rendezvous Membership, skiers can enjoy the breathtaking beauty and limitless activities at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) plus enjoy all the benefits of a PJS Membership with complimentary skiing and elite access to outdoor adventures at the resort.

  • No membership fees or interchange fees
  • Choose actual versus estimated flight time
  • Round trip efficiency discounts
  • VIP access to year-round JHMR guided tours and activities
  • Early access to ski lifts before the mountain opens
  • Elite lodging and gourmet dining reservations

The best places to ski year-round: 

  1. January – Japan 
  2. February – Canada
  3. March – Switzerland 
  4. April – Alaska 
  5. May – Sweden
  6. June – New Zealand
  7. July – Chile
  8. August – Austria
  9. September – Argentina
  10. October – Colorado
  11. November – Wyoming
  12. December – Vermont

Thinking of skiing the globe, heliskiing, or signing up for the Rendezvous Membership? 
Contact PJS to start planning an unforgettable ski adventure today.