Private Jet Services Initiates PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge, Becomes America’s First Carbon Neutral Private Aviation Company

Private Jet Services Initiates PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge, Becomes America’s First Carbon Neutral Private Aviation Company

(Seabrook, NH – December 9, 2019) Private Jet Services (PJS), North America’s leading private aviation company, responds to the growing environmental crisis with a carbon neutrality pledge. The worldwide number of flyers is accelerating exponentially to a forecast of 4.6 billion passengers in the year 2020. The aviation industry is developing new technologies including fuel additives, cleaner engines, and lighter airframes, but these advancements cannot mitigate the growing carbon emissions produced by airlines. In response to this plight, PJS has initiated the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge in a commitment to offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by the company’s flights.  

“The PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge is very important to me personally and to the entire PJS family,” said PJS Chief Executive Officer, Greg Raiff. “Our customers share this concern for the impact flying has on our planet. By offsetting all of the carbon dioxide (CO2) released by our clients’ flights, PJS has become America’s first carbon-neutral private aviation company.”  Raiff added, “Now our clients can fly without the carbon footprint.”

In partnership with American Forests, PJS has implemented a reforestation program to sequester 100% of its carbon emissions.  A single tree can absorb one ton of CO2 within forty years of planting. A tree, which can live 100 years or more, provides a multitude of benefits to the environment throughout its lifespan. In addition to absorbing CO2, trees improve water and air quality, temper the climate, reduce soil erosion, prevent flooding and create a healthy habitat for animals and plants. 

PJS is committed to planting 79,200 trees each year and will reconcile its reforestation program annually to adjust for increased flight activity, ensuring that the PJS Carbon Neutrality Pledge is honored in perpetuity. A majority of the trees will be planted in the Northern Rockies and Cascades, which have suffered heavy losses of whitebark pine and other five-needle pines. Trees in this area are under substantial attack from pest infestation, fatal diseases, and intense wildfires, all of which are exacerbated by climate change. PJS will also plant trees along rivers and streams in the Lake Champlain Basin of Vermont to protect and restore surface waters in the basin and help curb the water pollution from farms that have degraded the lake with algal blooms and high levels of pathogens.  

“By taking this initiative, we hope the world’s airlines will follow our example and adopt a Carbon Neutrality Pledge,” explained Raiff. “We have an opportunity to effect real change for the future of our planet by starting this movement toward net-zero-emissions aviation.”

To learn more about Private Jet Services’ Carbon Neutrality Program, visit our Carbon Neutrality page. 

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