PJS Discusses Planning for Travel Emergencies 

PJS Discusses Planning for Travel Emergencies 

According to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), every $1 invested in disaster mitigation saves $6. 

Natural disasters and health emergencies are two of the most concerning factors when traveling because they are unpredictable.  No one plans for an emergency to occur, but when one happens, Private Jet Services (PJS) has the diverse experience and broad resources necessary to respond quickly to any event.

Why an Emergency Response Plan?

Emergency Response Plans (ERP) are critical for companies and individuals alike. An ERP allows your company, group, or family to act quickly when an event takes place, ensuring the safety of everyone traveling. Whether employees are traveling for business, the organization operates multiple staffed locations or the group is going on vacation, having an effective ERP for private aviation is the quickest route to an evacuation of any size. 

Since 2003, PJS has been customizing Emergency Response Plans for a global clientele spanning multiple industries. PJS is no stranger to responding to mission-critical travel in emergency situations. We have partnered with some of the largest Universities and Hospitality brands developing strategic plans to get people out, as well as partnered with disaster relief and press organizations to bring scheduled transport in.

PJS works with full-time medical teams to provide the continuity of care needed in the event of an accident or illness. Security and business continuity departments skilled in risk management for both the company and its employees, regularly call on PJS for help in developing emergency plans. This not only includes initial emergency procedures but also periodic assessments to ensure they are still the best plans or to make adjustments. 

PJS’ regular contracts with sports teams and corporate incentives travel mean the team has the procedures and contacts already in place to respond quickly when an emergency occurs. The 24-hour Flight Operations Center at PJS leverages a global network of employees and agents working in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as at home in the Americas. PJS has access to a global fleet of aircraft 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Last-minute emergency travel can be one of the most stressful events a passenger can endure. Contact PJS and ensure a seamless and safe transfer for all passengers involved.