Private Aviation Bolsters Travel

Private Aviation Bolsters Travel

When I started writing these updates, the weather in New Hampshire was still cold and bitter outside, but every few days, a hint of Spring warmth would creep into the forecast, portending the vibrancy of Spring and Summer just ahead.  As I type these words on my trusty MacBook, the wind outside is doing its best to shake golden-hued leaves from the trees.  I am reminded of the circle of life as our planet hurls through the universe, on its way to completing yet another lap around the sun.  So much has happened, so much change has taken place – perhaps the last remaining vestige of normalcy is the rustling of leaves on the grass as mother nature signals colder weather ahead.

There are too many stories told of needless suffering these past six months.  So many industries have been permanently affected as the ways businesses work and the ways we gather have likely changed for all time.  The new normal is now “the new normal today,” underlining the sense of impermanence we all feel.  Through these challenges, I have found comfort in time well spent with my close friends and my family.  But also, I have been filled with pride witnessing the PJS team capitalize during these months even while facing the headwinds of COVID.

At PJS, not only have we taken the time to strategically expand our team to better serve clients, but we have also researched infrastructure and efficiencies to maintain mobile work environments while navigating COVID-19 protocols for our New Hampshire offices. From a new Marketing Director to elevating one of our own to Vice President of Operations, we have managed to maintain a stealthy team that continues to push boundaries.  We have streamlined multiple processes within our financial offices, continuing to maximize visibility and control, understanding the transparency of our clients’ investments is of utmost importance. The PJS operations team, with a meticulous eye on flight control, upgraded the flight management system with a deliberate focus on safety and responsiveness.

All of our internal efficiencies translate to our PJS clients. Delivering privacy protocols through operator compliance to the Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) program. Continuing our comprehensive private jet programs which all maintain the PJS mantra to optimize for optionality through our jet memberships and on-demand charter, whatever your flight needs might be. And to top off our 2020 improvements, we’ve now expanded our managed fleet to forty, including 35 airliners and two A320s. We are able to deliver direct access, for immediate flight, since our team at PJS loves to say, “YES! We can.”

Private Aviation Bolsters Travel

Private aviation has leveraged the ambiguity in commercial travel due to the very nature of its benefits; safe, efficient, and customized travel. There is movement, much less than the world has typically seen but it is picking up, mostly within private aviation.

A recent survey reported 36% of its respondents were new or returning users of private flights while the remainder are continuing users. This pendulum swing towards private aviation has weighed in our favor because the return on investment is no longer just about cost but also, about remaining healthy.

PJS has been able to share the lasting value we offer as new private travel inquiries come in the door. The combined years of aviation experience across our team is invaluable, proving our industry prowess and the very reason we are a consultancy first and foremost.

PJS publishes a weekly update on border and quarantine protocols, helping operators and travelers navigate safety, border, and FBO requirements. This precious information shows that commercial airlines cannot provide the service PJS and other private jet companies can continue to provide.

Our Stronghold on 2021

Business-as-usual is not on the horizon but our transformation to the new normal is coming to fruition. We have partnered with many of the most exhilarating destinations around the globe to help families, groups, and individuals take ever-needed respites, and now, our team is working with meetings and incentives corporate groups to maintain safe, larger movements for 2021.

As I started this letter, diving into the nuances of seasonal change and the circle of life, it appears corporate travel is now showing signs of an early spring. The ways in which businesses have adapted are quite incredible but nothing substitutes for in-person events. Whether our services are referred to as private jet, corporate jet, or on-demand travel, a record number of enterprise businesses are recognizing how they are able to optimize their investments and travel safely.

I am anxious to see events take place in 2021 that was stopped short in 2020. To once again, speak to a crowd about corporate travel and safety management. We are hearing from our executive flyers, which excites me because, yes, we are a necessary component but more so, because the hubbub of the world churning and the taste of autonomy is the bread and butter of lives well-lived.

PJS remains buttoned-up and ready to help. We understand navigating travel is different, so don’t hesitate to ask us at PJS. Leisure flights are taking on the world through the creativity emanating from decadent resorts welcoming families for relaxation and rejuvenation. Ski resorts are ready, more than ever and holiday planning has taken definitive shape. Our airliners are ready for large groups and winter sports. I am excited to see how our industry has navigated this pandemic and how we provide a necessity to the world and continue to do so, day after day.

Greg Raiff