Upscale Private Jet Charter For Large Groups On The VVIP Boeing 767 

Boeing 767 Private Jet Charter For Large Groups

Group travel is back and PJS has brought to market the most upscale VVIP airliner available for larger group charter — the Boeing 767-300ER. This stunning airliner accommodates up to 80 passengers and has a 14-hour flight range for traveling anywhere in the world.  Complete with four passenger couches, a private bedroom and a full bar, […]

6 Questions To Ask Before Chartering A Private Jet

man chartering a private jet

It is time to fly, and private aviation is the way to go. Even as COVID-19 restrictions lift, the benefits of charting a private jet often outweigh those of flying commercially. With a 33% increase in first-time business aviation bookings since 2019, those who found private aviation over the past two years are here to […]

Everything Emerging Musical Artists Should Know About Flying Private

guitarist disembarking after flying private

For emerging musical artists, success is especially sweet because of the long, arduous journey they have taken, cruising on the tour bus from venue to venue. It is a tough life, which is why the rewards at the end of the rainbow — awards, record signings and so forth — can be so fulfilling. The […]

Are Private Jets Safer Than Commercial Airlines?

private jet on tarmac

Private aviation is one of the few industries that has prospered during the pandemic, and one of the main reasons traveling by private jet has been so attractive to people who can afford it is health and safety. Simply put, flying private drastically cuts down on the amount of contact passengers have with others. When […]

Flying Part 121 And The Private Jet Services Difference

airliner cabin interior

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlines hundreds of regulations and standards for the airline industry. These regulations are categorized as “parts” and govern various types of aircraft and airline operations. PJS supports charter flights for nearly anyone, anywhere, any time, but our focus lies in Part 121 charters. Very few aviation consultancies specialize in Part […]

Private Aviation Supports The Comeback Of Cruising

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In October of 2020, the CDC lifted its no-sail order, effectively allowing cruise operations to resume in North American waters. While European cruise lines have long been underway, albeit, in a smaller capacity, U.S.-based cruise lines are only just beginning to announce reopening dates for this summer.  North American waters are open. However, many U.S.-based […]

BLOG: The Private Airtravel Playbook For Collegiate Sports

Football Playbook

College sports are still in full swing and excitement for the upcoming fall NCAA season sits in the air, which means planning for team travel in advance. While the rules of the game remain the same, how managers get their teams to the game has changed. Once an option sought after only by pro teams, […]

Industry Consolidation Reduces Fragmentation in Private Aviation Industry

jet above clouds

For the past two decades, the private aviation industry has suffered from too much fragmentation which, while offering consumers new choices, has also caused confusion with so many new options like the rise of business aviation apps and flight-sharing options. The recent consolidation activity is only the latest in a series of industry consolidations we’ve […]

Why New Zealand’s Ecotourism Boom May be the Perfect Solution for a Corporate Incentive Trip?

Lake Wakatipu New Zealand

Personalized experiences and the opportunity to experience local cultures in hard-to-reach destinations are two of the main factors driving the boom in ecotourism today. New Zealand is no exception. As luxury travelers seek out one-of-a-kind experiences, there is a growing demand for more intimate, curated adventures in distant destinations, like New Zealand. Tourism in New […]