Why the Value of Private Jets Are Surging

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The current market for pre-owned and new business jets is in the midst of a well publicized crisis. Much like the housing boom that coincided with the pandemic, demand is sky high and inventory is at record lows. For sellers and aircraft manufacturers, this is a good problem to have. However, for buyers, the current […]

VVIP Boeing 767 Private Jet Charter For Large Groups

Boeing 767 Private Jet Charter For Large Groups

Group travel is back and PJS has brought to market the most upscale VVIP airliner available for larger group charter — the Boeing 767-300ER. This stunning airliner accommodates up to 80 passengers and has a 14-hour flight range for traveling anywhere in the world.  Complete with four passenger couches, a private bedroom and a full bar, […]

6 Little-Known Benefits of Private Aviation

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Interest in private aviation has soared in the past couple of years as people find themselves with increased resources coupled with pandemic-related health concerns. As a result, the benefits of flying private have been well chronicled, from convenience and time savings to lack of hassle and, of course, comfort and luxury. These advantages combine to […]

Music Venues Off The Beaten Path

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As band managers and talent agents know, a venue can make or break a concert. That is why you choose carefully when arranging your musicians’ tour schedule. A beautiful setting or a venue brimming with history can breathe life into a crowd and make a good concert into an unforgettable one. Sometimes, the venue even […]

Where PJS Is Flying For Holiday 2021

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While many of the corporations, sports teams and entertainers that we work with continue year-round with mission-critical flights, PJS is also here for the downtime — when the mission-critical priorities become relaxation, exploration and time with loved ones.  Outside of our day-to-day operations, PJS offers our clients access to many of the greatest destinations in […]

Private Jetting Around The World With PJS – Botswana

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Located right above South Africa, Botswana is at the top of PJS’ must-visit destinations. Covered mainly by the Kalahari Desert and interrupted by the Okavango Delta, visitors to Botswana will find deep lagoons, rugged hills, and an abundance of African wildlife. This tranquil haven creates an unforgettable cultural experience bound to impress. Keep reading for […]

How PJS Creates High-Value Custom Private Aviation Experiences

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Private Jet Services always delivers mission-critical air travel services to a select but diverse group of high-caliber industries — sports teams, government agencies, the world’s most prominent bands and entertainers, global 5,000 companies, and ultra-high-net-worth professionals. At PJS, we serve multiple industries because we understand how to cater specifically to each. We believe that private […]

Top 4 Patriotic Destinations to Fly to With PJS

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Only a few short weeks away from the U.S.’ biggest annual birthday bash and this year, we are expecting the celebration to be grander than ever to make up for lost time spent with friends and family and to rejoice in how far we have come in reopening the world. In honor of the 4th […]

Private Jet Memberships Benefit All

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There are many ways to fly privately, most commonly on-demand charter and even fractional or outright jet ownership. Behind it all, flying under the radar, jet memberships exist to bolster the benefits of privately flying.  These types of memberships offer the most flexibility and value in the industry. For example, a Private Jet Services Membership […]

Where To Travel For Memorial Day 2021

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Memorial Day falls on the last day of May this year and often marks the official start of summer. Long weekends, smoking grills and sunset yacht sails abound.   A holiday representing more than the long days of summer, ever since the culmination of the Civil War, we have taken this day to honor the men […]