Why the Value of Private Jets Are Surging

value of private jet

The current market for pre-owned and new business jets is in the midst of a well publicized crisis. Much like the housing boom that coincided with the pandemic, demand is sky high and inventory is at record lows. For sellers and aircraft manufacturers, this is a good problem to have. However, for buyers, the current […]

Upscale Private Jet Charter For Large Groups On The VVIP Boeing 767 

Boeing 767 Private Jet Charter For Large Groups

Group travel is back and PJS has brought to market the most upscale VVIP airliner available for larger group charter — the Boeing 767-300ER. This stunning airliner accommodates up to 80 passengers and has a 14-hour flight range for traveling anywhere in the world.  Complete with four passenger couches, a private bedroom and a full bar, […]

The Promise and Shortcomings of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

sustainable aviation

In the 1990s, the automotive industry faced seemingly insurmountable challenges in curbing its carbon footprint. Three decades later, the general public is gravitating toward environmentally-friendly autos more than ever before, a trend certain to continue until vehicles powered by conventional gasoline become a thing of the past. Today, the aviation industry is grappling with similar […]

6 Little-Known Benefits of Private Aviation

dog on plane

Interest in private aviation has soared in the past couple of years as people find themselves with increased resources coupled with pandemic-related health concerns. As a result, the benefits of flying private have been well chronicled, from convenience and time savings to lack of hassle and, of course, comfort and luxury. These advantages combine to […]

Private Jet Services Partners With Hyperice To Elevate The Travel Experience

Massage Device

Today, Private Jet Services Group (PJS), a leader in delivering mission-critical air travel solutions for over 40 professional sports teams and 25 of the world’s leading entertainment acts, announced a partnership with Hyperice, the industry leader in holistic high-performance wellness and pioneer of percussion, vibration, dynamic air compression, thermal, mind technology and contrast therapy technology. […]

A Letter From Our CEO – October 2021

letter from ceo

I begin this month’s letter with a new sense of appreciation for the dedicated professionals at PJS. Over the past few months, we have spoken many times about the unexpected growth and historic demand within the private aviation industry. With this growth, we have discovered new opportunities to give back in more meaningful ways. This […]

Flying Part 121 And The Private Jet Services Difference

airliner cabin interior

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlines hundreds of regulations and standards for the airline industry. These regulations are categorized as “parts” and govern various types of aircraft and airline operations. PJS supports charter flights for nearly anyone, anywhere, any time, but our focus lies in Part 121 charters. Very few aviation consultancies specialize in Part […]

State Of The Private Aviation Industry: A Letter From Our Senior VP of Sales

state of private aviation industry

Welcome back to travel. It has been an exciting past few months, to say the least, as private aviation has experienced unbridled growth. Some providers are even pumping the brakes by announcing a halt on jet card sales. In July, flight volumes industry-wide were up 44% relative to pre-COVID July 2019. For PJS, the bulk of […]

A Letter From Our CEO – July 2021

letter from ceo

Fresh off a long holiday weekend and our country’s birthday, I find that we have much to continue celebrating. While there is still work remaining, the global community has made great progress battling the Covid-19 pandemic. In response to the reopening of many shuttered industries and offices, travel has embraced the challenge of restarting – […]