Why Top Bands & Solo Artists Choose to Fly with PJS

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As a band manager or talent agent, you are well aware of the general benefits of choosing to fly private as opposed to commercially: time savings, privacy, access to remote airports, and so on. However, with many to choose from, how do you select a provider?  Not all private jet charter companies are created equal. […]

Everything Emerging Musical Artists Should Know About Flying Private

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For emerging musical artists, success is especially sweet because of the long, arduous journey they have taken, cruising on the tour bus from venue to venue. It is a tough life, which is why the rewards at the end of the rainbow — awards, record signings and so forth — can be so fulfilling. The […]

Music Venues Off The Beaten Path

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As band managers and talent agents know, a venue can make or break a concert. That is why you choose carefully when arranging your musicians’ tour schedule. A beautiful setting or a venue brimming with history can breathe life into a crowd and make a good concert into an unforgettable one. Sometimes, the venue even […]

Utilizing Private Aviation For Entertainment Touring


With late summer and fall touring season picking back up after over a year-long hiatus, Travel Managers and Agents are deep into planning — not only for this year but for the 2022 season, stacking tour dates and shows to make up for the lost time.  PJS flies the top names in the entertainment industry. […]

How PJS Creates High-Value Custom Private Aviation Experiences

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Private Jet Services always delivers mission-critical air travel services to a select but diverse group of high-caliber industries — sports teams, government agencies, the world’s most prominent bands and entertainers, global 5,000 companies, and ultra-high-net-worth professionals. At PJS, we serve multiple industries because we understand how to cater specifically to each. We believe that private […]

Who Flies With PJS?

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Private Jet Services has a vast client base that stretches throughout the sports, entertainment, corporate, and government industries. Since its foundation in 2003, PJS has supported recording artists such as The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Beyoncé, Guns N’ Roses, and Fleetwood Mac, along with multiple professional and NCAA athletic teams. Altogether, our clients have won […]

4 Reasons Private Jet Charter is a Must for the Entertainment Industry

4 Reasons Private Jet Charter is a Must for the Entertainment Industry

Perhaps one of the best-known users of the private jet charters are touring musicians and live entertainers. There’s obviously a good reason for this, as utilizing private aviation is a great way to add flexibility to a changing tour schedule. Below we’ve outlined some of the big reasons why private jet charter is a must […]