Take Care of Business

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Recent headlines of hurricanes bearing down on the Wast Coast and earthquakes in Japan and Indonesia emphasize the importance of preplanning to ensure the employees are taken out of harm’s way during emergencies. In fact, preplanning is part of what the travel industry calls ‘duty of care’ – the development of policies and procedures to […]

Featured Destination: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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When most travelers imagine Wyoming, they picture the High Plains, grazing buffalo, and desert sands stretching as far as the eye can see. What they are less likely to consider is that, within this sparsely populated western state, there is Jackson — colloquially referred to as Jackson Hole —  a beautiful town full of fine […]

Pets on Jets

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Want to bring your furry friend on board a private aircraft? Private Jet Services knows you love your pets, and we are experts on finding the proper aircraft that allow your pets to travel with you like the family they are. We can work with you to schedule rest-stops, place toys on board, even have […]