Why the Value of Private Jets Are Surging

value of private jet

The current market for pre-owned and new business jets is in the midst of a well publicized crisis. Much like the housing boom that coincided with the pandemic, demand is sky high and inventory is at record lows. For sellers and aircraft manufacturers, this is a good problem to have. However, for buyers, the current […]

Business Travel Is Back

business travelers walking through airport

The pandemic that put the brakes on travel only a couple of years ago lingers, but a recent survey indicates that corporate travel is back.  According to the Quarterly Business Travel Tracker from J.D. Power, U.S. Travel Association and Tourism Economics, a survey of more than 2,400 U.S. business travelers revealed that 84% of respondents […]

6 Ways PJS Helps Corporate Event Planners Succeed

Excited Event Planner

The journey to your event should be a part of the event, not an add-on or an afterthought. By creating a cohesive experience starting with travel, events become more memorable.  PJS helps bring that unforgettable event to life while making life easier for event planners.  Full-services offerings include everything from VIP treatment at the gate […]

What Is Aircraft Supplemental Lift And Why Is It Valuable

Supplemental Lift Jet

Whether personally or corporate-owned, aircraft owners know that their aircraft is not always available or ready for flight at a moment’s notice. When this occurs, instead of relying on other in-house or commercial travel options, owners can leverage “supplemental lift” to substitute travel with another private aircraft.  With a supplemental lift program in place, owners […]

How To Leverage Your Corporate Travel Program For The Most Productive Year Yet

Corporate Travel Jet

There is a growing shift in corporate travel programs away from commercial to private business aviation. Safety concerns amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic opened up a new way of traveling to those who previously never considered the option. At the same time, the surge of post-pandemic travel has exacerbated the need for an alternative way […]

How To Be A Great Leader


Some say great leaders are born. We say great leaders are made. There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles. While it’s important to find your own style, there are many qualities of leaders throughout history that have stood the test of time. While we will view some of these qualities through the […]

Weighing Fractional Shares vs. On-demand Charter — The Pros and Cons

Private jet at sunset

The private jet industry is changing. We are sitting at the tail end of a global pandemic where travel of nearly all kinds halted and then took a swift upturn in recent months. This increase in demand has spurred a severe industry-wide private jet shortage, making it one of the most important times to understand […]

What Is Duty Of Care And Why It Is Important


According to Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, officially, duty of care is: “The principle that directors and officers of a corporation in making all decisions in their capacities as corporate fiduciaries must act in the same manner as a reasonably prudent person in their position would…. Courts will not second guess the business judgment of corporate […]

What Is Total Flight Management And Why Is It Important

jet flying above the clouds

The private aviation industry is not small. While it caters to a high-caliber set of individuals, groups and businesses, there are many ways to fly privately. You can purchase a fractional share in an aircraft, become a jet card member, leverage a brokerage or charter directly through an operator — and like most things in […]

What Is An Empty Leg Flight And How To Book


Simply put, an empty leg, also known as an empty sector, is a scheduled flight without booked passengers. Operators open these flights last-minute for booking at a discount, typically anywhere from 50-75% off the original charter price to avoid flying without paying passengers. Empty legs occur for one of two reasons.  Another charter customer books […]