Business Jets vs Business Class

Business Jets vs Business Class

A subtle change in travel management is roiling beneath the surface driven by road warriors’ needs and corporate profitability. This change can be seen in the growing use of both commercial airline premium cabins and business aviation.

Despite the higher cost of such travel, businesses are weighing the new factors such as a tight labor market and the resulting necessity to extract every ounce of productivity from travel while ensuring employees do not burn out. In fact, a recent study by Airline Reporting Corp. challenges the wisdom of emphasizing cost savings. Additionally, many customers now seek to limit their time spent at the airport, use the best service available and make sure that they have all necessary features to conduct their business trip.

Therefore business aviation has become one tool that corporations use with more frequency, even when it comes to the mid-management customer service or technical representatives. As PJS CEO Greg Raiff stated customers tend to oversee all the benefits of private business jets which brings them safety and security as well as mitigates the risk of delays and cancellation of commercial flights.

On the other note, the airline companies are investing more and more into the premium class experience but the regular customers who shared their experience with the author of the article tend not to feel a big difference in the service.

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