Rapid Response is Crucial for Any Emergency – An ERP Can Help

Rapid Response is Crucial for Any Emergency – An ERP Can Help

North America suffered two major disasters in the Fall of 2019. Recovery efforts will continue for years in the Bahamas after suffering a direct strike from Hurricane Dorian. Californians experienced regular blackouts and nearly 200,000 people in the path of wildfires were evacuated from their homes. 

Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, medical emergencies, political unrest, and other unpredictable events greatly impact the safety and livelihoods of many. Throughout these calamities, corporations must continue to function. Best practices include planning for the unknowable and building a rapid reaction program for all eventualities. It is impossible to predict every emergency, but it is entirely reasonable to expect employers to develop an emergency response plan for the most expedient and efficient evacuation of employees and their loved ones. An Emergency Response Plan helps to ensure safety and continued productivity.  

Case Study

The Challenge: 

A growing corporation was interested in opening satellite offices in several locations outside of the U.S. including Cuba, Turkey, Morocco, Singapore, and Brazil. The Chief Operating Officer needed to identify the legal, logistical, and safety protocols for each satellite location.  

The Solution: 

The COO contacted PJS for consultancy services. PJS recommended establishing an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for each location to include the following:

  • Define the documentation and legal requirements for each of the expansion countries
  • Define environmental conditions including political, health, and economic to address any challenges and identify solutions
  • Establish short-notice travel and contingency plan for circumstances that may require an emergency lift for an individual or a group
  • Provide emergency communication plans for the corporate headquarters and satellite offices 
  • Provide evacuation planning specific to each of the expansion countries including activation protocols for leadership and staff
  • Provide a single point of contact for flight coordination, contracting, and payment for emergency and non-emergency travel

By using the ERP expertise provided by PJS, the corporation was better prepared for expansion outside of the U.S. and had a plan in place for the safe evacuation and movement of staff. The company also made the strategic decision to expand its engagement with PJS to cover corporate travel to and from the satellite offices for emergency and non-emergency global travel.  

Proactive Planning for Emergency Lift

No one plans for an emergency to occur. Having an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place is critical. An ERP allows an individual, group, team, or corporation to act quickly when an event takes place, ensuring the safety of every traveler. 

With collective 300+ years of aviation experience, PJS has the expertise and resources necessary to respond quickly and effectively to any event. We work with full-time medical teams and first responders to provide emergency evacuation and continuity of care needed in the event of any emergency. Security and business departments skilled in risk management regularly call on PJS for help in developing emergency response plans. PJS’ ERP services include establishing an initial emergency plan and making periodic assessments to ensure the ERP remains the best plan for the client.  

Time-sensitive, emergency travel is extremely stressful. When every minute matters, count on PJS to respond at a moment’s notice.

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