Lessons From the NHL About Cost Savings and Travel Efficiencies

Lessons From the NHL About Cost Savings and Travel Efficiencies

College and professional sports teams leverage PJS’ expertise in group travel to efficiently move teams throughout an entire season. By identifying pain points, inefficiencies, expenditures, and cost-saving opportunities, we help teams maximize time- and cost-efficiency. PJS worked with the U.S. National Hockey League to identify challenges and establish a strategic team travel program to meet their needs. 


The National Hockey League (NHL) identified league-wide inefficiencies with regard to team expenses. The decision was made to engage experienced consultants and perform a full analysis. When team travel expense was identified as the expenditure with the greatest efficiency opportunity, PJS began designing a customized solution. 


With a collective 300+ years in aviation expertise, the PJS team was leveraged as subject matter experts to identify opportunities for travel efficiencies and develop team travel solutions:

  • Participating teams saved 31% compared to other NHL teams, and enjoyed personalized travel on a dedicated aircraft with a dedicated crew at no added cost
  • Implementation of a strategic sourcing framework for the team and league executive travel 
  • Development of risk mitigations and supplier performance management with coverage by a dedicated Safety Management System
  • Increased communications efficiencies using web-based portal technology allowing teams to seamlessly communicate roster changes, schedule updates, meal planning, transportation needs and billing in real-time
  • Contingency planning for increasing notification time frames of potential delays such as for weather or air traffic congestion Implementation of a Charter Air Transportation
  • Manual customized for each team to capture and cater to the unique needs of each organization

PJS helped the League conduct a thorough supply market analysis to realize significant travel program savings and eliminate pain points. In lieu of each team relying on their own staff to learn and navigate complex travel planning, the use of a professional travel resource generated program improvements including increased safety, simplified ordering, and better financial reporting. 

By looking beyond incumbent suppliers, developing stringent criteria for supplier selection, and implementing supplier performance management controls, the League realized a 20% reduction in per-hour flight costs and improved on-time performance. 

Making small adjustments and sharing process data across the organization led to cost savings, improved communications, and provided greater flexibility with fewer surprises and hurdles in managing team travel.

Private Jet Services has a unique consultancy approach to meeting the unique needs of every client. With a combined 300+ years of industry experience, our team is adept at analyzing travel programs and designing the ideal solution. 

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