A Letter From Our CEO – October 2021

A Letter From Our CEO – October 2021

I begin this month’s letter with a new sense of appreciation for the dedicated professionals at PJS.

Over the past few months, we have spoken many times about the unexpected growth and historic demand within the private aviation industry. With this growth, we have discovered new opportunities to give back in more meaningful ways. This summer, PJS provided direct support to the Afghan Refugee Crisis by flying men, women and children out of harm’s way. I am incredibly proud of our staff’s commitment and the around-the-clock effort. Every time a flight lifted off from Kabul, those of us watching from the safety of our homes joined in the celebratory cheering of the passengers and crew. I hope you will join me in the gratification that comes from making a difference during this crisis.

As we served others outside our usual circle these past few months, our leadership team explored the depth of our organization. In the last 18 years, we have evolved and grown our business in service of people who shape the world and who are leaders in their own fields. In reflecting on our purpose, we are struck by the enormity of the remarkable clients at the center of what we do every day and encapsulate that purpose with these words:

Serving Excellence. Delivering Extraordinary. One Flight At A Time. 

In the weeks and months ahead, PJS will launch a campaign centered on these words intended to focus our team and business further on this value proposition.

Realizing Our Mission

These words embody PJS. They also extend beyond what we do to who we do it for.

Each of you reading this today is a part of your own mission within a diverse group of high-caliber industries — sports teams, government agencies, prominent bands and entertainers, global 5,000 companies, ultra-high-net-worth professionals. You all exemplify the highest standard of excellence, making a difference in our communities and beyond. PJS recognizes that you, too, strive to make a difference through your own unique set of skills, talents, knowledge and influence. We hope that each flight that we arrange in some way helps support that change — whether it’s humanitarian, political, educational, technological, inspirational or more.

Our role is to make sure that we execute each mission with efficiency, thoroughness and hospitality. This is why we fully believe that placing value behind our client’s time, safety and security requires a hands-on approach and industry-specific expertise that not many in aviation provide. Behind every email, call, proposal, security check and process, there is a PJS representative.

By placing human touch at the forefront of PJS, your passions become our passions. Through what we see as aviation “partnerships,” we can all continue leaving a mark on this world and creating lasting change for generations to come.

End of Year Outlook

I close this letter with yet another reminder that flight volumes industry-wide continue to surpass pre-COVID numbers. As we approach the holiday season — one of the busiest travel periods of any year — we urge you to schedule your travel plans early. With upward pressure on aircraft rates, limited availability and the added burden on crucial infrastructure such as fuel services, the sooner our conversations begin, the better we can deliver on our mission of serving excellence and delivering extraordinary, one flight at a time.

As I look out across our industry, I see other firms are now turning away business and halting sales to new and existing clients. I expect that in 2022, customers will grow increasingly disappointed in many of these “big box brands.” As these shifts in the private aviation landscape continue, PJS is actively ensuring our ability to deliver for our clients. I look forward to sharing more about these efforts in the days ahead.

​​​​​​Best wishes,

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​​​Greg Raiff