Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Catering

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Catering

When you think about airplane food, your mind almost certainly goes to some poorly cooked frozen meal served in a miserable plastic dish with a side of salted peanuts. However, when you fly privately, your in-flight catering options get kicked up several notches. Below we’ll take a look at several of the questions we get asked frequently from clients and potential clients regarding the private jet catering menu options.

What Meals Will Be Provided on My Flight?

The meal you serve for yourself or your guests on your private jet flight is entirely up to you. Though just about anything can be done, it’s important to consider entrees and snacks that can be reheated well on longer flights in the aircraft facilities. Fried foods typically do not reheat well and heavy starch dishes, such as plates of pasta, can often be a challenge to reheat in private jet ovens. For shorter flights and on smaller aircraft, like the Hawker 400xp, where reheating may not be possible, cheese and fruit platters with shrimp and grilled vegetables or small sandwiches are a nice choice.

Can I Order Something Special?

Of course! Some of our clients leave the catering decisions completely up to us and others have very specific meal requests. Private Jet Services routinely goes above and beyond to make sure every client has a satisfying in-flight dining experience. We have even had a client that requested a very specific salad from Mexico, so we sent a chartered helicopter down to pick it up and had it waiting on the jet when the client arrived. Many clients request catering sourced from local high-end restaurants, so they are able to sample the best local flavors before they leave town. Lobster rolls in New England or Tex-Mex in Texas would be some great options.

Can the Private Jet Catering Be Tailored to My Specific Dietary Needs?

Definitely! We routinely prepare menus for clients with specific dietary needs in mind. We have a sports team as a client that flies with a gluten-free menu, and another that opts for a meal high in protein after games. It’s important to notify your Flight Concierge of any passenger allergies so that this can be considered when preparing your menu.

How Will My Meals Be Packaged?

In-flight meals will be packaged in a way that they can be easily stored and transported to your aircraft. Often storage space is very limited on board an aircraft, so your Flight Concierge will work hand-in-hand with your catering choice to ensure that everything fits and is properly stored on the aircraft. Should you require specific china or napkins, your Flight Concierge will provide one for you.

Who Will Prepare and Present My Meal?

The caterer or restaurant of choice will prepare your meal as usual in their own facilities. Your personal flight concierge will work with the company to ensure that it arrives at the FBO on time and is properly stored in the moments leading up to your departure.