Meet The Concierge

Private Jet Services has put together a team of experienced concierge professionals who work daily to ensure that we deliver a superior experience to each of our clients. Learn more about our concierge team and how their leadership can help you meet all of your air-travel needs.


I have been working with PJS for three years.  I started mid July of 2016.

Boston, MA

Working as a flight coordinator for PJS I am responsible for all flight operations pertaining to my clients. This means that I am also in charge of making sure flights are on time, airports and crew are prepared, and our clients are consistently happy. I am currently the flight coordinator for the Boston Bruins. A very large part of my job is communicating with the Boston Bruins coordinator and staff to make sure that everything is as it should be. PJS promises seamless air travel so this is what I look to provide. I am also in charge of catering, and providing all of the necessities needed for player and staff before, during, and after a flight.

I went to college at Bridgewater State University and double majored in Flight Operations and Flight Management.  I hold a pilot’s license, so I try to fly whenever I can to stay current. Prior, I was the manager of my father’s construction business while he was ill.  This gave me excellent skills in customer service and prior preparation.

Since I was young, I have enjoyed traveling the world.  I was fortunate enough to have parents that let me travel everywhere with them. This was how I knew that I wanted to study aviation.  Of course, the traveling aspect of our job is wonderful but I enjoy the process of learning to get a grasp on to how to organize everything for our clients so every flight can blend into the next seamlessly. I also really enjoy my co workers at PJS. Everyone is willing to help and teach new things to the new employees and I think that this is important.

I am very excited to be working with the Boston Bruins every season. I have been a Bruins fan since getting into hockey in college so it’s great that I can provide a service to them.  Im sure we will continue to have great experiences throughout each season. Working multiple tours with U2 has also been an unimaginable experience. I would love to continue touring with them in the future. 


With an extensive background in-flight services within the airline industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with PJS consistently. To add to this, I’ve served as a team member with PJS in the past, however, in November 2018, I rejoined the organization.

Columbus, OH & Richmond, VA

As a flight coordinator, my role is to provide world-class and legendary service to my clients, relative to flight operations and the in-flight experience. For the past several months I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of serving as the concierge for the Columbus Blue Jackets. A huge part of serving as a concierge is the responsibility of ensuring that all travel needs, arrangements, on-time departures, in-flight service, and other accommodations far exceed the clients’ expectations. My service above self always leads to memorable experiences for the client, while building customer loyalty to the PJS brand.

In life, we tend to make choices, that hopefully leads us on the right path. With this in mind, I’ve enjoyed a more than 20-year journey within the airline industry, previously serving as a flight attendant, lead flight attendant, purser, concierge and as an inflight instructor. This overall journey has been rather rewarding, but at the same time has presented its challenges that I’ve overcome time and time again. I thoroughly enjoy providing service to others, thus my career has primarily been positioned around providing service to high-profile clients, NHL and NBA sports teams, as well as others within the entertainment industry.

First, I don’t consider what I do as a job. For me, this is a journey. A journey that allows me to be a part of a team that works endlessly to provide legendary service above self, while ensuring our client’s needs are satisfied. Additionally, I am fortunate to serve in a capacity where my daily interactions are tied to individuals and groups that many dream of working closely with. No one day here at PJS is like the other, which is something I thoroughly appreciate! As a result of this, I count each day as another opportunity. These are opportunities that allow us to strengthen longstanding relationships while fostering new and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Though all experience as a concierge with PJS is memorable to date, my best experience has been traveling through South America with Shakira on her El Dorado Tour. Though an icon in the music industry, it was amazing to see how down to earth, friendly and accommodating she was to her fans, team members and entourage. I’ve seen many things and have been many places in this industry, but the experiences with PJS leads the pack.


I started working for PJS in October 2017. I am from the Seacoast area in New Hampshire so started in the operations center at the home office in Seabrook. As an Executive Account manger on the VIP side, I sourced aircraft, presented options, and coordinated all logistical aspects for small family trips to 100+ incentive programs.

I began working as an In-Flight Coordinator with the St. Louis Blues during the 2017-2018 season. In this capacity, I am responsible for ensuring all aspects of the team’s flights are carefully coordinated and seamlessly executed. I work directly with the blues’ travel manager and oversee everything form catering, special requests, communicating with U.S. and international customs, overseeing luggage loading, decorating for birthdays, and making sure player career milestones are celebrated.

I have always been passionate about aviation and customer service so my favorite part of the job is the travel and making our client’s trips memorable, enjoyable, and unique to them.


Szymon has been working as a PJS Representative for six years. “Best time of my life due to the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met along the way.”

Szymon is based in New York, where the city never sleeps and aviation runs 24/7. He has experience flying aircraft as well as a little maintenance background in aviation. “I have had a passion for aviation since I was 7, and ever stopped.” Szymon’s years working at restaurants also contribute to the experience he has developed working around different kinds of people. “Ever since my first year at PJS, I have been an Inflight Coordinator, catering to the need of my clients above and beyond.”

When asked what he likes best about his job, Szymon said “I love to travel, meet new people and see the world. It is quite amazing having the ability to connect all the cities in the world whether they’re remote or major. It brings people and business together in unique ways. Having the ability to be a part of some major bands world tours from young artists to those before my time. Flying the NHL has also become close to me as you become part of the family when you are dealing with on team for 5 years.”


A whole new world of opportunities, experiences, professional development and conquering challenges awaits you at Private Jet Services as Inflight Coordinator.

I have been employed with PJS for 10 months and located in Las Vegas, NV where I am assigned to the Vegas Golden Knights National Hockey Team. My team is a group of hard-working elite athletes and professionals who are successful because of discipline, dedication and mental toughness which are the three habits that I embody as well, as their inflight coordinator. It’s a recipe that results in success and satisfaction.

My past professional experiences in finance, retail, education, and aviation prepared me to be able to undertake the daily tasks of a PJS inflight coordinator and successfully execute the responsibilities that come with the tile. Some of my daily responsibilities include but are not limited to pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight activities. For example; making sure that the aircraft is in position, fueled, catered and ready to fly, ensuring that any manifest changes are made in advance of the team’s arrival, ensuring that all FBO’s are aware of our arrival/departures, delivering items that may have been forgotten on the aircraft.

Being punctual, responsive, ware and taking action goes a long way into ensuring that a flight starts and ends successfully. Ensuring that the client is happy makes me happy. As a PJS inflight coordinator and an ambassador of the brand, there is nothing I love more than turning the frown of a client upside down. The ability to turn a negative situation into one that is positive adds value to the role of a PJS inflight coordinator which takes self-motivation, courage, dedication, emotional intelligence, situational awareness and love for client services and aviation, which is what I love most about my job.


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