BLOG: Why Employees Need An Incentive Trip Now More Than Ever

BLOG: Why Employees Need An Incentive Trip Now More Than Ever

Corporate incentive trips are typically rewarded to employees when they achieve specific business results or goals. In 2020, the world put this type of motivation on hold, but we are taking a new outlook on the year ahead, inspiring employers to revisit destination-based reward programs.

The traditional workplace undoubtedly has changed rapidly over a year and employees simply need to feel good — both with work and themselves. Not only are incentive trips one of the most effective types of employee rewards, but traveling and creating unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for top performers has several positive outcomes that all boil down to ensuring job happiness.

Boost Morale

Create memories rather than shelling out dollars to boost morale. Employees will associate these positive memories with work, emotionally tying them to your company and bringing positive vibes towards the business and company objectives back into the workplace.

Promote Mental Health

Most people use vacation to re-energize, relax and relieve stress. While this sense of wellbeing tends to be the exception outside of vacation, it should be the rule. Today’s culture places a high emphasis on positive mental health, yet many employers still fall short in this category. Even pre-pandemic, Mental Health America (MHA) released a report that 19% of adults experience some form of mental illness — from anxiety and depression to eating and personality disorders. Rewarding employees with an expense-paid vacation targets mental health directly by encouraging a stress-free sense of being.

Team Bonding

After a year of working remotely, being expected to maintain seamless working relationships while physically being away from co-workers can create tension, miscommunication, and decreased workflow. Use rewards trips to incentivize not just individuals but entire teams, simultaneously encouraging team bonding that will translate back to the office, whether those offices remain remote or at a single location.

Target & Retain Millennials

Millennials are the biggest culprits of job-hopping. Rather than staying loyal to a single company their entire career and working up the corporate ladder, millennials tend to move from job to job, fast-tracking their careers and quickly earning higher wages. As millennials jump jobs, the stakes get higher, with culture and incentives being high on the “job requirements” list in a prospective employer. The employer, in turn, becomes as much the interviewee as the interviewer.

Travel sits at the top of the incentive list. Sixty percent of millennials prioritize travel as the main reason they work, even before saving for retirement, buying a home, or paying off debts.

Are you up for the challenge of keeping a high-performing millennial on the payroll for more than a year? Add travel to your list of incentives.

Increase Productivity

All of the points above accumulate into what all employers desire — high productivity and achieved business goals. Giving employees a break to enjoy an environment outside of a work setting leaves space for them to refocus and return to work revived, happy, and ready to push hard to reach targeted results. And ultimately, happy employees outperform unsatisfied employees by 202% (ScreenCloud).

PJS’s Role

Measuring job happiness is not always easy, but incentive travel is guaranteed to weigh heavily on the scale’s positive side. Whether shuttling entire teams or groups to a private resort or sending your number one employee to an exotic location, PJS has many executive jet availability and VIP or coach-configured airliners at the perfect size to accommodate moving your group efficiently and cost-effectively. Leave the travel logistics to us and let your employees enjoy their reward from start to finish. Reach out to the PJS Team and get started building your incentive program today.